Juan Pablo Briceno

Product-focused Front End Developer

Github @juanbric


GM. I'm Juan, a passionate Front End developer with a love for building dynamic and user-centric products. Experienced in various countries and languages, I currently call the sunny Las Palmas de Gran Canaria home in Spain. Focused on clean code, beautiful design and product market fit. Constantly shipping, constantly learning.

Work Experience

2021 - current

Front End Lead & Cofounder – Soltype

Led a team of 3 engineers to develop our web3 creator tools and eBook NFT app. Worked closely with the CTO to build our tactical objectives and improve both our technical directions and shipping frequency.

React • NextJS • RESTFUL API • CI/CD • Jira • Git • Metaplex • TailwindCSS

2021 - current

Front End Engineer – Freelance

Worked with a range of agencies, start-ups and individuals to build products. Clients included well known Photographers, local Schools, and Kitchen Consultants.

React • NextJS • TypeScript • Contentful • TailwindCSS • Chakra UI

2020 - 2021

Tech Talent Acquisition Consultant - EBC

International full-cycle technical recruiting experience, with a deep understanding of global recruitment practices and the ability to source, engage, and activate passive candidates in the tech industry.

SalesForce • SmartRecruiters • Pocket Recruiter • Bullhorn

Side Projects


Trovali app

Next.js app that uses AI facial recognition technology to detect and identify individuals in uploaded images. It includes user authentication and authorization, the ability to add extra information on the recognized and uploaded individuals, and a search function that allows users to search for individuals by name and tags. If you want to see the presentation website of this app, also created by me, go to https://trovali.vercel.app.

React • Next.js • Faceapi.js • Firebase Auth • Firebase Storage • RESTFUL API • CI/CD • Git • TailwindCSS


QR Photo App

App that generates a unique QR code per every photo uploaded. The QR directs the user to a dynamic URL with getStaticPaths and getStaticProps where the uploaded picture is contained.

React • Next.js • Firebase Storage • CI/CD • Git • TailwindCSS


First Soltype app

First iteration of Soltype. This initial Soltype version consisted on an open platform where anyone could publish their writings as literary NFTs and where anyone could read and trade the works published by others. Check it out!.

React • TypeScript • TailwindCSS • Chakra UI


zentra dev

A web development agency website that specializes in creating user-centric websites and apps for clients, with a focus on utilizing effective SEO techniques to improve their online presence. Services include website and application design and development, search engine optimization, and IT Consulting.

React • Next.js • TypeScript • Contentful • Vercel • Email-js • TailwindCSS • Chakra UI


Blog about Mental Health

Blog about mental health and emotional wellbeing in Spanish. All it's infraestructure has been optminized for SEO, including sitemap, schemas, onsite SEO, copy writing, keyword analysis and more. This is WIP.

React • Next.js • TypeScript • Contentful • Email-js • TailwindCSS • Chakra UI